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COLLAGEN 15X - (NEW) 30 CAPSULE SIZE - Highly Concentrated Collagen

COLLAGEN 15X - (NEW) 30 CAPSULE SIZE - Highly Concentrated Collagen


30 CAPSULE SIZE of our great selling Collagen 15X

READ DOSING INFORMATION BELOW - Collagen 15X is a unique highly concentrated natural blend of 3 different hydrolyzed collagen types. No other collagen capsule comes close to the level of concentration of collagen that is found in Collagen 15X.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and has many important functions. Our Collagen levels decrease as we age. Benifits of taking Collagen 15x over time can include Improvement of Skin, Hair, and Connective Tissue Health - Relief of Joint Pain - Quicker Recovery from Surgery, Injury, and Wounds, Improvement of Bone Health and Gut Health to name a few.


Taking Collagen 15X with Jointo and Infla-650 can produce amazing results over time ( Best results are achieved within approximately 3 months of use ) in the areas of Joint Health, Joint Repair, and Joint Comfort.


NOTE: Collagen 15X taken together with Jointo is also great for those who cannot take Infla-650 because of being on prescription blood thinners. Remember results will increase the longer you take them.


DOSING - 1 to 2 capsules per day on an empty stomach. Taking 2 capsules per day produces quicker results. Take one capsule in the morning upon arising and one before bed. You may also take 3 capsules daily for intensive use.

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